My 2020 Holiday Gifts to You

By Trevor McKendrick 👋 - Have you read my free newsletter?

I wanted to put together something fun for my readers for the holidays, so I reached out to a bunch of folks to put together a list of products and services with discounts just for my readers.

Most of these I've used and love. Some of them are new to me.

If one of the codes doesn't work please let me know.

Wearable Challenge - 20% off

^^discount there. Details on the challenge itself are here.

I did this in November and it kickstarted my next round of weight loss.

This is also the best way to get yourself the Levels continuous glucose monitor because the Wearable Challenge fast tracks you to the front of the line.

I also made a video on how to apply the Levels CGM - it's way less scary than you'd think!

Jambys - 20% off

The most comfy loungewear you've ever experience. I have 2 bottoms and a top and they're amazing. My wife loves her's too. Code: MCKENDRICK20.

Flighty – 30% off

One of my favorite iPhone apps.

Beautifully designed and powerful to use, Flighty is the first-class flight tracker for those on the move.

The app offers detailed flight maps, live tracking, delay predictions, calendar sync, and 25-hour where’s my plane – but the real magic is the perfectly timed notifications the keep you up to date and stress-free.

It's the app that defines its category - and Ryan was nice enough to give a 30% discount to an annual plan. He's never done this before so take advantage while you can.

Readwise – double the free trial length

Readwise is how I remember everything I read. Been a huge fan of the product for a long time. They're giving you an extra month to give their trial a shot - this is a no brainer IMO and one of the best new consumer products in years.

To get the extra trial time just use my link above.

Wren – Plan 40 trees

Wren lets you offset your carbon footprint with a monthly subscription.

They've agreed to plant 40 trees – 20 for me, 20 for you, for every person who signs up through my link above.

Podcasting 360 – 21% off

Podcasting 360 is a podcast agency. If you want a podcast but none of the work, talk to them. You just show up and talk.

Discount Code: PodcasTM2021

21% off is the biggest discount they've ever done!

Product Bye – 20% off

Discover new ecommerce products that are doing well that. Code is Amazon.

Nature Greens – 25% off

Healthy, green, simple breakfast drink. Code is TREVOR25

Juni Toothbrush – 20% off a pack of two

High quality, bamboo toothbrush. Code is TREVOR20. Or use code BOGO to buy one pack and get another pack free.

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