Ode to Silicon Valley

By Trevor McKendrick 👋 - Have you read my free newsletter?

The Caravan Goes On

Everywhere I look around Silicon Valley I see earnest people trying to build things.

Individuals, teams, companies… all working towards the effort of solving some actual problem for other humans. Not by decree or violence, by but actually making new things.

Where else do you get so many people excited about building new schools? Or Pharmacy APIs? Or cheaper and better ways to get primary medical care?

This is a place that wants nothing more than a random, no-name person to walk into your office and tell you a story about how they’re honest-to-god going to change the world.

Silicon Valley is a place where the world is changed so often that you can’t call bullshit on someone who tells you they’re going to do it too.

And sure, people who’ve never built anything in their lives will write words & fill up paper with splotches of ink critiquing the people actually in the arena.

And yet “the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.”

Even in the face of regulatory incompetence, the jealousy of the paper belt, and the false narrative of a “big tech” backlash, the valley goes on making new things that are loved and used by regular people all over the world.

The Most Wonderful Time of History

A coworker and I were at dinner a few weeks ago and he made a point that stuck with me: of all the times in history one could be alive – during the Roman Empire, or the Industrial Revolution, or the Renaissance – we got to be alive during the Technological Revolution.

The most impactful and influential time in the history of humanity.

What isn’t amazing and special about that? Just writing that sentence makes me want to run and tell everyone to come over and join the historical ride.

When work is going to fill so much of your life, why not do something as meaningful as the rest of your life.

If you want to be part of something great & special, please join us.

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