New Years Resolutions Are Garbage (but you shouldn't listen to me)

New Years Resolutions Are Garbage (but you shouldn't listen to me)

I hate new years resolutions. I’ve always been of the thinking that if you actually want to change yourself, you can do it whenever. Why remove your agency by relying on an arbitrary social deadline?

You know what else I hate? Being one of those people who signs up for a gym membership in January. Full of aspiration but not follow through. Gyms are full of hope and promise for a few weeks in January while the gym regulars on Twitter ruthlessly mock the people who will inevitably stop going.

And you know what? Tell people like me to go fuck themselves.

If you have something that works for you, just do it.

If you want to do your thing, go do it.

Ignore the judgment of the crowds, ignore the haters, ignore any perceived embarrassment.

The person who runs for even 30 seconds today has infinitely more bragging rights than the person who just bought running shoes online.

The world needs more people who don’t care what other people think. If new years resolutions are in vogue, or aren’t, who cares. You do you.

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