My Favorite Internet Videos of All Time

By Trevor McKendrick 👋 - Have you read my free newsletter?

Sam Harris on death and life

“If you observe yourself closely you’ll observe that you spend a fair amount of energy each day trying not to die.”

David Foster Wallace: The problem with irony

“The problem though is now a lot of the schticks of postmodernism – irony, cynicism, irreverence – are now part of whatever it is that’s entered in to the culture itself.”

John Green on how to win

Just keep going

Pâro: The Feeling That Everything You Do Is Somehow Wrong

Beautiful music.

Highlights of Liverpool coming back from 0-3 to beat AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League Final

Soccer team chants and music are underrated.

Art Williams Just Do It speech

No excuses!

Rick and Morty: Rick talks about love

A thousand years of philosophy in 17 seconds.

Remember How We Forgot

Slow poetry slam put to live violin music on the nostalgia of youth. Excellent!

White Wine In the Sun

Reflects my feelings about family and Christmas since leaving Mormonism.

Life explained in 27 seconds by Casey Neistat

Involves a walking escalator.

Christmas Greeting from Chuck Norris

My favorite Chuck Norris joke of all time (a spoof of this real Honda commercial w/ Jean-Claude Van Damme)

Time lapse of girl learning to dance in a year

All progress is built on what you do this month, today, now.

So God Made a Farmer

My favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time.

American Pharaoh winning the Triple Crown

“And American Pharaoh makes his run for glory!… And here it is, the 37-year wait is over. American Pharaoh is finally the one! American Pharaoh has won the Triple Crown!!”

Obama Mic Drop:1999. The Gregory Brothers songified Obama’s last State of the Union

No about politics, just pure hilarity.

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