Become a Missile, Again

Have You Forgot?

WE ALL WANT SOMETHING that we don’t have.

We want to start a successful business, but we don’t talk to customers.

We want to get fit, but we don’t exercise and we eat crap.

We want to date interesting people, but we don’t ask them out.

Every day, every minute, hell… right this second. We aren’t doing the thing we say we want.


Why do we mentally struggle and kill ourselves, imputing desire into our brains and emotions, and then do NOTHING.

We dream, we think, we plan, we research, we write emails, we Future You Masturbate… we mentally see how we want to be, but nothing changes.


You have done hard things before.

You’ve accomplished goals, kept promises to yourself in the past.

That test in college you studied for 3 days and aced, or that half marathon you trained for and successful finished.

We’ve all accomplished hard things. So what’s wrong with us now?

We’ve forgotten a simple truth: you have to want it more than anything else in the world.

You remember that burning desire?

Of telling yourself I AM GOING TO DO IT and then by god obstacles were removed, personal motivation was trivial, and you went out and just did it.

Sacrifices? What are those…? You wanted the thing you got more than the things you lost.


You’ve got to rediscover the fire that sets you alive, that cloud of dreams that wasn’t motivation, but compulsion.

That told you “I’m going to do this so GTFO of my way”.

I’m studying.

I’m running.

I’m working.

I’m practicing.

I’m not eating shit.

So anyone and anything that’s going to get in my way: BE GONE.

I am a heat-seeking missile and am locked on to my target.

Become a missile again. You exercise because that is who you are. That is what you are about.

Once your so-called goal is part of your identity you just do it.

Transform your identity & your purpose for being around your goal. That is what will melt away the obstacles, and fill your soul with infinite motivation.

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