Twitch for Sports Announcing

ESPN et al. should create a video feed that doesn’t have any announcers.

They can keep the exact same video as currently broadcasted (including on-screen visuals, game sounds, and ads) but they should 1) allow anyone (“hosts”) to broadcast their own audio over that video, and 2) allow anyone else to watch.

This would lead to all sorts of more creative and interesting announcing, in the same way YouTube has created content genres that didn’t previously exist. 1

I believe this makes sense strategically for ESPN since almost anything that brings more attention to their events is valuable to them.2


  1. Eventually they could go further: create tools (like Vidpresso for Facebook) so that hosts can use all the camera streams to create their own broadcast and on-screen visuals.

  2. I could see a problem where the top hosts command too much attention and then are able to negotiate against ESPN. But it’d probably end up more like YouTube: top hosts complaining loudly and together to get slightly better deals, but ultimately not owning enough attention of the platform individually to make a difference.