Think About Your Life’s Default Settings

25% of iPhone owners use Apple Maps, even though Google Maps is widely considered a superior product.

Default choices are powerful.

It’s reasonable to assume this phenomenon occurs in other places in life.

Stop and think: what are the default choices in your life regarding:

  • Food
  • Work
  • Exercise
  • Building relationships

By changing those defaults, you make good choices opt OUT decisions instead of opt IN decisions.

Here’s how I change my defaults:


  • Join a triathalon training team

Work Habits

  • Join a coworking space
  • Find smart, hard-working friends.

Positive relationships

  • Set recurring dinners and phone calls


  • This is the hardest IMO. With Instacart, tons of local fast food, sugar drinks everywhere, it’s hard to opt out entirely.
  • Eat before you go to grocery store. Buy ONLY non-high caloric content food at grocery store
  • Make friends with people who eat healthier than you