Text Creates Hate

There’s more than a few people on Twitter who I cannot stand.

I block them not because they ever interact with me but because I don’t even want to see their tweets being retweeted.

But: when I listen to these same people’s podcast… I kinda like them. They seem interesting and even fun! Look, another fun human being!

I get to hear their voice and personality and more nuance to their argument. I get to know them better.

And meeting in person just takes that to an even higher level.

So here’s my hypothesis: text is a horrible way to communicate, in the most fundamental definition of the word.

You lose the humanity of someone when you read their words. So much of relating to someone’s argument comes from seeing and hearing the individual.1

Just a reminder today as everyone freaks out about politics, and for life in general.

Hey there that’s me we’re all humans

  1. My hot take to fixing Twitter is making it have a baby with Snapchat: the feed and the 140 characters stays the same, except to post anything you have to take a picture of yourself first and include it with the post