Starting a Successful Business is like Losing Weight

It’s impossible to cram losing weight. If you want to lose your excess permanently, you need time & discipline. There’s no way around the day-in, day-out daily grind.

As an investor or business owner it feels like today everyone is looking for shortcuts and overnight success.

But growing a business takes the same time and discipline that losing weight does. Every day you have to put in your time, and eventually you get to look back and realize how far you’ve come. 1

The good news is that taking a long-term view is valuable. 

Since capital everywhere is looking for short-term returns, one of the only remaining competitive advantages for small time investor/operators is having a long-term time horizon.

Brent Beshore makes this point at Adventures: since they’re acquiring companies that they plan to hold forever, they can make investments that won’t pay off for 10 years that competitors would never touch.

I have more and more friends who are getting pretty nice returns from their companies these days, but only after taking 5+ years of hacking away to get there.

I think most people can start and run a successful business. But I don’t think most people are willing to put in the daily work over a period of years to get there.

Value the valuable.

  1. Even successful venture-backed businesses take 7-10 years to come to full fruition, and those are the fastest growing businesses on the planet.