Why I Don't Shop At Thrift Stores

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I went to a thrift store today because – this is important in a meta way – I’m going to Burning Man for the 1st time next week. I needed to buy some crazy but cheap clothes.

Now, why do I feel a strong urge to tell you why I had to enter a thrift store?

(God knows it’s not because I wanted to tell you about Burning Man. Being a cliche causes me physical pain.)

It’s an easy answer: because Successful People don’t shop in thrift stores, and I want to be a Successful Person.

If the people I want to be like don’t go in there what does it say about me if I do?

Flipped a Switch

But what if instead of seeing myself as an Aspiring Successful Person my identify were Bargain Hunter?

With the flip of a switch in my brain now I’m driving around town looking for discounts, and I’m proud of the amazing deals I find on the racks. Discovering a new product at a steep discount gives me a rush and genuinely makes me feel good.

Even though what I’m physically doing – buying used clothes in an undecorated commercial building – is identical, how I feel is totally different.

What’s amazing to me about this little exercise is that nothing in the real world has actually changed. You don’t have more or less money, you don’t own more or fewer things, you live in the same place & have the same relationships & eat the same food.

Everything is identical except your perception of yourself.

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