Beware the Disease of Self-Righteousness

So a Juicero ad pops up on my Facebook feed…

Quick recap: Juicero raised $110 million to make a machine that, apparently, can be easily replaced by just using your hand. It’s pretty ridiculous and I’d ask questions if I were an investor (duh), but AFAWK there’s nothing legal or morally wrong here.

But then I decide to look at the top comment on that Facebook ad…

A negative comment with plenty of likes…

And then I kept scrolling.

Lots of people pounding their chests and stomping on Juicero’s future grave.

This attitude drives me crazy and it should seriously bother you, too.

What do people have to gain by leaving these comments on a random Facebook ad…

  • They get to dance on the grave of somebody who failed?
  • They get to show that they know what’s being talked about in pop culture?
  • They get to display how smart and quick witted they are?
  • They get that sweet FB Like karma?

None of the comments contain new information.

It’s all purely ego. 

This is like 2nd grade level stuff: mocking others to make you feel better about yourself.

Nothing about the person’s physical state changes. They’re not making money or getting healthier or anything like that. They’re merely tweaking their state of mind at the expense of others.

Self-righteousness only reveals weakness.

This of course happens ALL THE TIME everywhere you look online today. Everyone is guilty eventually.1

Best case scenario this is a severe lack of self-awareness and worst case people feel actual joy by doing these things. As usual the reality is somewhere in the middle.

If you’re ever celebrating or even enjoying someone’s failure please stop for a second and reconsider. At least ask yourself why you feel the urge to say anything negative at all. What does that say about you?

  1. Hell, I might be slightly guilty for even writing this article.