Be Suspicious of Epiphanies

We’ve all had that moment watching a movie or listening to a great song where we just feel so… inspired!

I can accomplish anything!” 

Maybe we write down some goals and tell ourselves that, yes, this is the time when everything changes.

The reality of course is that these moments are fleeting and almost always wrong.

They can even backfire, because when we inevitably don’t live up to our new expectations we blame ourselves. We feel guilty and assume we’re flawed.

Big life changes are slow and require fundamental changes in behavior. They’re like a big boat… they take a ton of time and effort to change direction.

Instead of big epiphanies we need little actions. Do a little something today. A small change on the direction of a boat’s rudder today can have a huge impact on where it ends up.

What’s helped me is to expect a little failure. I mentally tell myself there will be times where I don’t live up to my own expectations, and that that is okay. I remind myself that even the most successful and ambitious people in the world have bad habits they want to break.

The worst thing that can happen is to lose momentum and let 1 tiny failure turn into 10 consecutive failures. By expecting some failure, you give yourself an emotional pass and prevent yourself from self-destructing and failing those extra 9 times.