Basecamp’s Employee Handbook

Basecamp (formerly 37Signals) publicly released their internal employee handbook today.

You can see it here.

No big surprises if you know the company, but a few things I thought were interesting:

  • They’re very explicit and even demanding about side projects. They don’t want their employees doing much work outside of Basecamp.
  • The employee perks look great. E.g. $100/month for a massage, $1,000/year for continuing education, $100/month for a gym membership or equivalent, $1,000/year to contribute to a CSA membership (Community Supported Agriculture), they’ll match any charitable contributions you make up to $2,000/year, $1000 every 3 years to set up your home office
  • They explicitly want to make Basecamp a feasible place for a long-term career
  • They pay in the top 5% at Chicago salary levels, regardless of where an employee lives. They don’t do bonuses, and since the 5% benchmark data includes bonuses Basecamp just increases the salaries
  • Strict rules about traveling internationally: they have a long, detailed checklist to make sure you delete all company data off your devices before crossing the US boarder. It looks like a huge PITA (which is the USA’s fault, not Basecamp’s 🙁 )