11 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Persistence and determination are, by far, the most important personal attributes if you’re starting something new.
  2. Don’t criticize unless you have an alternative.
  3. Solving a real problem for customers will fix almost every other business problem.
  4. At least 50% of the joy of entrepreneurship is in building relationships with coworkers
  5. The importance of moral is vastly underestimated
  6. Revenue cures all, including moral
  7. Systems beat individuals every time
  8. There are a TON of ways to make a living. Opportunity is everywhere.
  9. Don’t talk your way out of a sale (i.e. don’t assume someone doesn’t
    need what you offer)
  10. Some times you just don’t want to do it. That’s normal. A lot of entrepreneurship is boring.
  11. The best business is one that functions perfectly without you.