My 3rd Year in the App Store — Highlights and Numbers

April 22, 2015 was my 3-year anniversary in the App Store with my Spanish Bible apps. It’s been a wild 3 years!

(Quick summary for those reading for the first time: I made a Spanish Bible app in 2012 for $500. It did $1,500 in revenue the first month and has grown ever since. You can read my first year review here and my second year review here.)

Overall it was a terrific year.

Notable Events

I Crossed 1 Million Downloads

It happened sometime in January, so we’re way ahead of that now.

Our Peak Gross Ranking in Our Category was 3

#3 Grossing in Books, ahead of DC Comics, The Walking Dead, Disney, and many others

This put us above Disney, DC Comics, Scribd, and other well establish book apps. And remember, this is the US App Store and we have a 100% Spanish app. All the apps we’re beating are in English.

I Was on the Gimlet Media’s podcast Startup

This was the professional highlight of my year. I’ve been a big fan of This American Life for a few years, and Alex Blumberg was always one of my favorite producers.

When he left This American Life to start his own podcast company I was thrilled. And for good reason, because his first podcast, Startup, is amazing.

This is a longer story that needs to be told sometime, but eventually I ended up being interviewed for that show.

You can listen to it above. The whole episode is great (not to mention their other podcasts), but if you’re strapped for time my part starts at 10:54.

I had Exactly 15 Seconds of Internet Fame

Chatting on the Huffington Post’s Morning Show

About a month or so after the Startup episode aired, I woke up to a Facebook post from an old co-worker. Business Insider had written a post about my apps.

I jumped out of bed and quickly scanned the article. It was basically just a summary of what I’d said on the podcast.

But once Business Insider wrote their article, literally thousands(!) of other websites wrote their own summaries.

And then Fox News posted it to their Facebook page (twice), and did a segment about my company on their morning show.

And the Huffington Post asked me to be a guest on their morning show.

It was an intense 48 hours.

But then the weekend came, and by Monday the Internet had moved on, as it always does. Which was totally fine by me. I was happy to go back to working.

Adventures in Europe

You have to see it in person 🙂

I’d wanted to take this trip for a long time. Finally the stars aligned and my wife and I hopped on a plane to Stockholm to see Europe for two months.

I’ll share just one thing about the trip, my single most favorite moment: seeing Michelangelo’s David statue in Florence, Italy.

To be honest, I’d vaguely heard of the statue before arriving to Florence, and if you’d asked me what it looked like I would have had no idea.

I won’t be able to do David justice. It accomplishes everything art hopes to do and more. It is massive and breathtaking, beautiful and subtle. There’s 10 different ways you could tell the story of David and Goliath based on that one statue alone.

If you ever get a chance to see it, I can’t recommend it enough.

We Moved to Austin, Texas

Salt Lake City treated us well but it was time for a change. My wife and I are thrilled to be in a brand new place.

Austin has a great vibe and entrepreneurial scene, at a fraction of the cost of San Francisco or New York. And it’s in a business friendly state, one 3-hour flight from either side of the country. It’s a great place for us.

Sales and Download Numbers for the Year

Total Annual Sales

Best Month — Sales
January — $13,459.06

Worst Month — Sales
May — $6,889.35

Best Day — Sales
January 4 — $2,038.28

Worst Day — Sales
May 9 — $112.23

Best Day — Downloads
January 4–3,733

Worst Day — Downloads
December 24–951

Average Daily Revenue

Best Sales Day, every single week

Worst Sales Day, every single week


Updates Downloaded

“Current Version” Average Rating of our most popular app
4.5 Stars (256 ratings)

“All Versions” Average Rating of our most popular app
4.5 Stars (658 ratings)

Monthly Sales Chart

Sales by month

I’m as surprised as you that this ever grew to be so big. It goes to show that when there is a need in the marketplace and you fill it with a good product, you will reap the rewards!

Here’s to another great year!